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  1. Performance
    I have an 07 accord V6 (with a J30A5 engine). I managed to acquire a JNA1 intake manifold, and I'm wondering of it will give any performance improvements. It is visibly different from the J30A5 manifold, and the JNA1 makes more power than the J30A5, so presumably it can flow more air than the...
  2. Performance
    Hey Folks, So, this weekend i did some mods on my 08' EX-L sedan V6 automatic. I added the J37 manifold, P2R Manifold spacer with two thermal gaskets, 80mm TB out of an Acura RL, AEC CAI and TB thermal gasket. Got everything buttoned up, started the car (it sounds so beautiful now, with a growl...
  3. The 6th Generation
    Hello everyone. I have a 2001 Honda Accord Ex Vtech, F23A1 with a bad upstream O2 sensor. I have the new Denso sensor. I went to put Mouse Milk on the sensor today so I can loosen up what is certain to be a tough removal and discovered my sensor is inside of the exhaust manifold. About 1/2 of...
  4. The 7th Generation
    Hey guys, my old sticker on the the cover of my K24A8 engine's manifold came off and I lost it. Does anyone know where I can get the sticker only with the red font? (view attached picture) Thank you very much :thmsup: I did search over Ebay and Amazon and I couldn't find any :dunno:
  5. The 7th Generation
    can i k20 turbo manifold fit a k24?
  6. The 7th Generation
    Does any one have pics/step by step guide of removing the intake manifold on a 7th gen 4 cyl motor? I think my starter is going bad. Thanks
1-6 of 8 Results