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  1. Honda Accords in the South
    Anyone in NW Georgia interested in starting a meet and greet. Mustang guys do it all the time!
  2. Honda Accords on the East Coast
    Hello everyone, so I know that there was already a thread on this but it is so old I though I would make a new one. Right by where I live by Walt Whitman mall in huntington. There is a lot where security can't bother you since it isn't owned by the mall and police rarely roll through. I think it...
  3. The Gallery
    I was down at Orlando and Tampa for my vacation from Dec 12-16 :) at Tampa, I have to meet the famous ESCO of Tampa!!! it was great to finally meet you, ^Genesis and Lexus came with us from Atlanta... here is the link for more pixz for the WINTERFEST!!! WinterFestPictures...
  4. Honda Accords in the South
    we went cruising from one QT to another QT to Suwanee Park and eat Five Guys and Rita's, then we played foot ball, until it started to rain :) It was a fun day!!! thanks everyone for showing up, and sorry Sam for not getting any pix of ur car :( you showed up too late, and my camera was...
  5. Honda Accords on the East Coast
    When: Sunday, August 28th @ 1pm Where: Forest Park, Queens, NY (right off Woodhaven Blvd) All Honda and Acuras are invited to attend our end of summer get together :) MAP:
  6. The Gallery
    Just wanna share with all of you Honda drivers, a nice meeting this saturday :D Less talk, more vids & pics :biggrin: ...and videos :lmao:
  7. Honda Accords in the North
    Dundas & 403 Hwy @ Tims. White = seriously looking for a suspension kit.. (not just a spring) if anyone know anything about it even for R&D let me know. Middle (Black) = seriously loving the car.. :) 20 inch rimssss and doesn't look that much of off road style. Right (Black) = I am looking...