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  1. The 7th Generation
    Hello people of the internet! I have an 05 Accord EX-L V6 Coupe. With the transmission seemingly on it's way out I'm planning on getting a parts car to swap a manual in. If I go this way I also want to mod the car, What do you all recommend? As of so far I've been considering aftermarket...
  2. Accord Hybrid 9th Gen
    I ran my 2015 EX-L into a ditch last week in some heavy fog. Since I'm replacing the front bumper (and other parts) I'd like to know if I can 'upgrade' to a '16 or '17 HAH bumper and install Honda OEM fog lamps? Fog lights were not offered on the 2015 Hybrid EX-L - and worse - the Honda...
  3. The Early Generations
    I have a '91 accord and I need to put in a LATCH system to secure my son's convertible carseat. I would install the seat using the vehicle belts but they aren't long enough to go through this massive seat! Obviously I realize the car and the seat aren't very compatible but I need to make it...
  4. Modify
    I have a 8th gen. I tinted the windows but I am having a hard time deciding what else to do. I was thinking plasti dip the wheels a more darker black. I don't feel like spending too much right now. Any Suggestions?
  5. The 8th Generation
    Made a quick video to show you guys what I have, and wanted some responses to see what you guys think I should do next. I'm feeling coilovers, audio, wheels, then other small details, but what you guys think?
  6. The 6th Generation
    Im new on here, but thought id give it a shot. Im a college student, so I don't have a ton of money, however I drive a 2000 honda accord v6 I bought from my grandmother. It is basically stock, but I want to do both engine and appearence mods to make it look and run better. Any suggestions of...
1-6 of 6 Results