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  1. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I've seen threads related to a stuck moonroof, but none seem to address my issue close enough. If another thread covers this, I apologize for the duplicate and please direct me to the other forum. Problem: Just picked up an '08 Accord Sedan as a commuter. Before I knew how to work the moonroof...
  2. Problems & Solutions
    I’ll check the fuses I’ve tried to clean dirt out of the tracks or motor it just literally doesn’t work does anyone know why?
  3. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Hi, I've got a 2014 Accord Hybrid Touring today! Wow, what a great car. Only issue I see so far is moonroof not opening. I believe I tried these steps: Moonroof Reset Procedure | Drive Accord Honda Forums But still, doesn't seem to open. There doesn't seem to be other issues. Is there...
  4. The 7th Generation
    Hi, I drive a 2006 Accord Coupe EX-V6 M/T. Lately I have been experiencing a strange issue with my moonroof where sometimes it does not open at all, but would start working after a few minutes of driving (inconsistent duration) and sometimes it works right from the beginning. However, the tilt...
  5. The 8th Generation
    Hey, first time posting here. First off I would like to thank everyone for the useful information It's been helping me get some repairs done DIY. So I've been facing the dreaded clicking moonroof motor issue. I took the pillar trims and the headliner out. Took a closer look at the moonroof and...
  6. The 9th Generation
    I have a 2013 honda accord ex-l v6 2dr coupe and today I notices some water residue in the drainage track underneath the sunroof. I called the dealership and they said it is normal for water to get past the seal. The sunroof is not watertight and is designed to drain he water that gets past...
  7. The 7th Generation
    I just bought a 04 accord ex, was wondering if the moonroof and steering wheel switches are supposed to have backlights??? impossible to see at night. All other backlights work perfectly. :dunno:
  8. The 9th Generation
    I already RTFM and it doesn't answer the question. Did tag seach here for moonroof,moon-roof,sunroof,sun roof with nothing that answers the question either. Google didn't do it either specifically for this MY anyway. So fellow owners, Where is the manual override for the moonroof if the motor...
  9. The 7th Generation
    Does anyone have experience with replacing the weatherstrip on the moonroof? It's that rubber thing that goes all the way around the glass. I've seen some DIYs from searching and have the service manual. A few weeks ago, I noticed it was louder in my car so I looked at the roof and...
  10. The Early Generations
    Will a 97 Civic moonroof replace a 97 Accord moonroof? What other make/model/year will work?
1-10 of 11 Results