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navigation system

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    2018 Accord EX-L - while I was going through the hidden menus on the multimedia screen (hold Home, Power, & Source together), I found a screen showing all of the GPS satellites currently in use. My Accord does not have navigation.... I'm hoping someone has a hack to unlock a "hidden" navigation...
  2. DriveAccord Classifieds
    A. Selling OEM navigation DVD update for 2016. B. Condition: Used. C. Asking: $100 (free priority shipping) D. Location of item: NYC Make sure it works for your car: The Official Honda Map Update Site | Home | HERE. Worked with no issues on my 2014 Accord coupe.
  3. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I'm replacing the stock stereo in my 2003 honda accord l-ex with a 7th generation honda accord stereo with navigation. Is it as easy as just plugging in a few wires or do I have to purchase any extra items, like navigation wires or anything like that.
  4. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Hey guys, I'm getting this error message on my Navigation System. Can someone tell me what it is? When I start my car and start driving, my navigation system works fine, after about 10-15 minutes, I get this error message. Anyone else experiencing this problem? :crying
  5. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Has anyone actually installed one of these? Will installing it mess with my navigation system or voice controls? Are there problems associated with it? How much labor is involved with install? I know you need to take things apart, but I need to know so I don't get ripped off at the audio shop.
  6. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I must say this is one of the most complete upgrade you can get for your accord. Waiting on that price to drop to $500 before I purchase this upgrade. It is currently going for $769. No eBay sellers only 1 company in California (Part: HD0811AC-HTSHDANXX) selling it; the others are in china...
  7. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I purchased my 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring sedan in May of 2014 and I fully expected the navigation and related infotainment system to be top notch. It sucks! Does anyone know if Honda plans to improve the interface and usability of this system? I should mention... having to first copy...
  8. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Alpha-numeric data is normally entered with the rotary dial which is used to select letters and numbers displayed on the screen. However under some conditions a keyboard appears on the touch screen. I cannot figure out how to get this screen to appear. I have only seen it a few times and have no...
  9. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I'm new to this site and unlike a lot of other people I've noticed on here I'm not looking to "trick" my car out as it's an economy and flat out don't have the money for it; even though I'm envious of some of your cars . My goal is to just get it running perfect and a few of the cosmetics (I.e...
  10. The 8th Generation
    It seems to me that about a quarter of the screen is wasted when displaying cd information. Is this the same for all units or is mine malfunctioning? :dunno: If this intentional, seems like a poor decision. XM display CD display
  11. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I'm in the market trying to find a good headunit for my 09 accord coupe and i want to try and keep it looking pretty factory looking without emptying my wallet. I found this Qualir unit online and was not too sure how good it was or anything, or if anyone has boughten it before. If you have any...
  12. The 8th Generation
    The dealer insists that you need a navigation system to add a backup camera, so I've been looking at third party systems. I've seen the ones where the camera shows up on your rear-view-mirror, but I don't know which ones would be compatible with my car. Can anyone help? I'm kind of a car noob. I...