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  1. The 9th Generation
    Can anyone please explain this to me? I just bought a new accord, 2017. The mileage is 17,000, but the trip history totals much more than that. What can be the explanation for this? Is it possible that the odometer was changed? Bought it from an approved dealer and Carfax matches up. Bought at...
  2. The Early Generations
    So, my speedo and odometer don't work, I do some searching, see that the VSS is a common culprit, I go to check it out, I see there's only one bolt, I go to get ready to put another bolt in, suddenly I see that there is a broken bolt where I thought there wasn't, what are my options? My budget...
  3. The 7th Generation
    Hello to all. i have jdm accord. 2003 Honda inspire, my problem is that car wont to count kilometers. but trip A and Trip b works. can anyone help me? update: trip a and trip b counts only to 0.9km after then reseting to 0.0km
  4. DIY
    Here’s how to reprogram your instrument cluster after replacement. An instrument cluster needs to be reprogrammed after a cluster swap or replacement. Disclaimer: Misrepresenting the mileage on a vehicle is illegal. However, reprogramming your own cluster is not illegal. In this case I’m...
  5. The 7th Generation
    DIY: Honda Odometer Reprogramming Here’s how to reprogram your odometer after an instrument cluster swap. The vehicle this was demonstrated on is a 2004 Honda Accord. YouTube Video: DIY Honda Odometer Reprogramming Disclaimer: 1. The information provided should only be used to correct...
  6. The 6th Generation
    hello, my question is that my speedometer stopped working, the reason being like an idiot i am, i opened up the cluster so i can paint my needles and i took the needles out now the needles don't even move at all, long story short i checked the scrap yard it is $40 dollars for the speedometer...
  7. The 8th Generation
    My '07 CRV LX has an MPG readout next to the odometer. My '10 Accord EX-L V6 doesn't... Why would a newer, higher end model not have this feature? Is it gimicky? Is it fairly accurate? I believe it is only on the Navi version of the 8th gen Accords, am I right?
1-7 of 7 Results