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  1. Fluid Dynamics
    My oil is at 30% I have a Honda hrv2022. I drive it a lot. I commute about an 1 1/2 hours mon-fri. How long will my oil last? I have an oil change appointment set for Sept 9, but I'm curious if I should add oil between now and then.
  2. The 7th Generation
    Hey all! I recently had an oil change done and the independent auto shop that took care of it used 5W-30 synthetical oil instead of the Honda preferred 5W-20. This was their reasoning in an email response: We used 5-30wt as this is our suggested engine oil for your vehicle. In Southern...
  3. The 7th Generation
    Had my mechanic replace the VVTS on my 03' Accord yesterday to stop a slow oil leak and refill with full synthetic oil. It was driving fine until I got up to speed on the highway. Right about when I hit 70 mph the clutch started slipping. I took it back to the mechanic but want to make sure he...
  4. The 9th Generation
    Hello, I just bought a used 2013 accord sedan LX The oil change recommendation says 0w-20 I buy engine oil from costco and they have castrol edge 5w-20 and 5w-30 I'm fairly new to this so i thought i will seek expert advice. Can i substitute 0w-20 with 5w-30 or is that a bad idea? Please help :)
  5. The 9th Generation
    I just did a video review of the oil analysis from my 2nd oil change on my 2015 Accord LX. I submitted samples to Blackstone and Oil Analyzers. Check it out.
  6. Fluid Dynamics
    First time doing a test on my oil was surprised about the high lead that was found, sorry about the blurry picture of the report. Comments from Blackstone: Thanks for the note about the oil consumption. Really, the loss of 1 quart of oil in 4,000 miles doesn't seem all that unusual, but if...
  7. The 9th Generation
    I'll be doing the first oil change on my 9th generation Accord very soon and I was wondering if I'm required to change the washer that goes on the drain plug each time. I just bought a 5 qt. jug of Valvoline fully synthetic oil at WalMart and a couple of filters from Amazon. The only thing I...
  8. The 8th Generation
    Greetings, I use the OEM Honda Oil Filters # 15400-PLM-A01 and 15400-PLM-A02. Is there a source to buy a oil filter wrench that fits these rather small filters? Either OEM or aftermarket is fine as long as the fit is there. Thanks!
  9. The 9th Generation
    When to change oil? 5000 miles, 15%, 5%, 1 year, follow sticker, when? Help! ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ I can't find it anywhere in the manual or online..It just says when the reminder comes on change it.:wave:
  10. The 7th Generation
    Next week I will be going to Walmart for oil change(20% left) and wanna know what other stuffs I should also address. DO you guys recommend changing transmission fluid, air filter, etc. Other suggestions are welcome. How quarts will it need? And should I also tell them that it needs 5w20 oil...
  11. Fluid Dynamics
    coming live from a newly shaken Harrisburg PA (1st earthquake EVER) here you go: i see mobil1 synthetic 5w-20 has 15k mile intervals between oil changes... SO here we go: do you / should you still change the FILTER every 3k? thanks!!! the resident D/A.NET moron
  12. The 7th Generation
    I have a 06 Accord VP with AT with 55k miles on it. I recently (@54k miles) got the oil changed to M1-EP 5w-30, with M1-EP filter. Before the oil change, when I step on the gas, the RPM would barely reach 2200 before the gears shifted. But, after the oil change, the RPM goes over 3000 before...
  13. Fluid Dynamics
    My 2002 Honda Accord LX just hit 80,000 miles about 6 weeks after I purchased it (used of course). I would like to make the switch over to Synthetic from conventional motor oil. I have always been told not to do this after a certain mileage, but the actual cut-off changes based on who I talk...
  14. Fluid Dynamics
    My 2009 Accord Sedan I4 turns one on a week and still has the original oil. There's only 2700 miles on it. I've seen the comments on keeping the original oil in place until the MM lights up and others saying to change it at 3750. I've seen nothing on "time". Oil degrades over time, but...
  15. The 7th Generation
    In the beginning of May the check engine light would come on when the gas got low. When we filled the tank the check engine light would go off. Now it pretty much stays on all the time and I don't know what's wrong with it. Lately you have to press harder on the gas pedal to get the car to go...
  16. The Early Generations
    How often does one do oil change? especially for high mileage cars; 175,000 miles and above. I've heard every 2 months but not too sure!....Honda Accord 1996 Lx.
  17. Fluid Dynamics
    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 2007 Accord SE Sedan. Got it from a Honda dealer, 37k miles - just came off a lease. I'm planning on making some upgrades to the car, haven't decided completely what I want to do yet, but I do want to change my oil and ATF to synthetics. I've been reading...
  18. Dealers and Shops
    Hey DA'ers just wanted to let you know, I got my tires aligned today at Discount Tires in Costa Mesa, CA.'s some important stuff.... 1) Got an oil change for 16 dollars with the coupon 2) Signed up for lifetime alignment deal for 189.99 3) $50 more to cover lifetime alignment on...
1-18 of 18 Results