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  1. The 10th Generation
    My 2019 Honda Accord Touring was just in my dealer's shop for a standard oil change and inspection. When I received the bill I was charged $60 for an "MOA Oil Fortifier/Conditioner" and "Engine Perf. Not only do I not understand what this is or why my excellent-performing car needs this. Has...
  2. The 9th Generation
    How to turn off "Maintenance Due Soon A1" notification? Owners Manual, Page 510 I'm only at 5,500 miles with my '17 Accord and the "Maintenance Due Soon" warning came up on the dash - it completely replaced the circle that showed my MPG & odometer and I can't figure out how to remove the...
  3. Fluid Dynamics
    First time doing a test on my oil was surprised about the high lead that was found, sorry about the blurry picture of the report. Comments from Blackstone: Thanks for the note about the oil consumption. Really, the loss of 1 quart of oil in 4,000 miles doesn't seem all that unusual, but if...
  4. The 6th Generation
    my engine light came on today, what are the possibility errors that caused it to come on. My transmission is pretty messed, could that be the case why the engine light came on, or is something possibly wrong with the O2 sensor.
1-4 of 4 Results