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  1. The 9th Generation
    To start from the begining, driving one day, eml came on, pulled code p2135. Engine ran and sounded normal. Took to garage, the garage did an ecu reset and i did a vsa reset after, all was fine for many months. Aprox 2 months ago the issue happedned again but this time the engine was acting all...
  2. The 8th Generation
    Just replaced the starter on a '09 Accord EX, 2.4L. When I first turned car on after the replacement, everything fire up great. Only issue is the VAS light and check engine light came on. Pulled the code and it was a P2135. I did a little googling and decided to disconnect negative terminal...
  3. The 8th Generation
    A while back I had my intake boot rip from a sagging airbox after my intake manifold spacer install. One day I got a CEL, hooked up my scanner: P2135 Throttle Position Sensor 'A'/'B' Voltage Incorrect Correlation. No limp mode, just a code. Looked online and saw others had success with...
1-3 of 3 Results