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    I mainly just have 2 questions, first question I have is, "do I need to do any serious piping for the J35Z3 block to fit a turbo?" And my second question is, "where would the turbo fit?" If someone can help me out with the info on that with maybe some pictures, that would be most appreciated...
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    I'm buying all 8th gen i4 sedan Performance parts. I am paypal ready with cash in hand. Serious replies only.
  3. The 8th Generation
    Hey Guys, As the title says I just installed my UR Crank Underdrive Pulley *NOT STOCK SIZE* I have really thank Mark from ThrowdownPerformance for making up my mind for buying this pulley!!!!Also have to Thank Sasha from South Florida Motor-sports for a Great install!!! Before and After Dyno...