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radar detector
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  1. The 7th Generation
    I've got an Escort 9500ix that's windshield mounted with a coiled cord hanging down to the cigarette lighter. I'm going to hardwire it with the remote 'Direct Wire Smart Cord' and trying to figure out exactly where to mount the detector and where to mount the remote. How have you all done...
  2. DriveAccord Classifieds
    what - Up for sale is a Newly Factory Refurbished Beltronics STi-R Plus custom installed radar detector which just came back from Beltronics USA. This unit was on my car but I am selling the vehicle and moving out of the country on some work. I hate to see it go, but I want to give it a new...
  3. DIY
    Hi all, I recently read tommypenquin's writeup on how to hardwire a detector into a 2011 accord. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to hardwire the detector to the powerleads which go to the mirror. I have seen this done with other cars, but am not sure if it is possible with the...
  4. The 8th Generation
    Hi all, I've been looking around for a DIY on how to hardwire a Valentine 1 to a 2010 Accord via the auto-dimming mirror. Any help/instructions are appreciated! Pictures are a plus. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results