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scratch repair
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  1. Maintenance & Detailing
    just got my Honda and someone already keyed my headlight, Anyways can someone tell me how to remove the key scratches on my 18 Honda Accord don’t know where to start. A Step by step or video link would be great. Or some recommendations thanks.
  2. The 9th Generation
    Hello all. Mods feel free to move this if you feel there is a better place. My 9th gen 2014 Hybrid Touring sustained a scrape on its rear bumper cover yesterday, when I'm embarrassed to admit, I lost my footing while wrangling my snowblower and I lost control of it and it struck the car. I've...
  3. Maintenance & Detailing
    I was washing my car outside and as I was drying the car, I noticed a very light, horizontal scratch (hard to see and only noticeable when viewing at an angle in sunlight). I believe only the clear coat was scratched off as the colour is still intact and when running my fingers through it, it's...
1-3 of 3 Results