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shift cable
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  1. The 7th Generation
    So after a road trip, my car started leaking ATF. I cleaned everything and wiped it down, drove it around the block a few times and put it on the ramps to find the source of the leak. I found that it was coming from the shift cable connection (seen here): I did a search online to try and...
  2. The 8th Generation
    So I was on TDP and I was looking at some of the stuff they offer for the 8th Gen coupes and I stumbled across these Shift Cable Bushings from Torque Solutions. I was wondering if anyone has...
  3. The 6th Generation
    Hello, For several months, I had a bad scenario of damaged motor and transmission mounts, but I never had any problems with my transmission and had work and shift up/down very smoothly. Last week I took my Honda accord 1999 v6 to the shop and had them replace all the Motor and Transmission...
1-3 of 3 Results