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  1. Performance
    Hi, I recently bought a 2006, 2.4 S Honda Accord manual, which has been maintained great. The only downside is that the shifter stick is a bit floppy and not really tight. My question is what parts do I need to make it tighter, feel better, and snappier? I am thinking about a short shifter, let...
  2. General Drive
    On the 11th gen they got rid of the pushbutton shifter and stuck with the lever. I know it's personal taste, but is there an actual physical upside to having the lever over the pushbutton?? I love the pushbutton on my 10 gen Hybrid. I feel I have more space and looks cleaner (my opinion of...
  3. The 7th Generation
    Last night I had trouble turning off my '06 Accord and removing the key. I checked to make certain the the gear was in P -- it was -- but it still wouldn't turn off/let go of the key. I eventually got the key turned (and therefore, the car engine to shut down) but found that the car would no...
  4. The 8th Generation
    So, my sister owns the 2012 Accord EX-L V6 coupe and lost the shifter lock cover when she cleaned the interior one day. We've been looking for a replacement but the only one we can find that looks correct says that it doesn't fit her car. It says it's only for 08 and 09 models. Does anyone know...
  5. The 9th Generation
    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I have a 2013 Accord V6 Coupe 6 Speed manual. I’ve noticed my shifting experience is very hit or miss, when the car is cold, it shifts very smoothly and is excellent. When the car warms up shifts become quite rough (almost grinding or just feels imprecise) ...
  6. The 6th Generation
    Hello. Just bought a 1998 Accord with the 4 cylinder. The shifter is extremely sloppy and won't go into fifth gear, it's like it's not even there; as opposed to grinding or popping out. It's also extremely sloppy going into reverse, so I think it's cable shifted since the further to the right...
  7. The 7th Generation
    I'm really not a car expert so any help would be much appreciated. I was driving a couple weeks back and I noticed it became really hard to get into gear. I was pressing down on the clutch pedal all the way and the shifter was really hard to move into any gear. I parked the car for about an...
  8. The 8th Generation
    I would love to put a beer tap in as my shifter, but I drive automatic and it has the button to change through the gears, is this possible to do?? If you have done this post pictures please!
  9. The 8th Generation
    I have a aftermarket 5 speed manual shift knob i put it in but i took it out because there is a inch or less of a gap from shift knob to shift boot is there anyway to fix this if so reply to this.
  10. The 6th Generation
    Hi, I'm looking for the screws (part #19 in the diagram) for the automatic shifter knob. I've tried looking online at the usual parts places, but the diagrams always shows the manual shifter diagram instead of the automatic. Do you have this part number? Thanks! Here's the correct diagram...
  11. The 8th Generation
    i lost the two screws for my shifter a while back when changing knobs, i was wondering if anyone knows what size they are ?
1-11 of 12 Results