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short ram intake

  1. Performance
    Just bought a 2016 Accord Coupe V6 Auto and have roughly 1700 miles on it. Was planning on getting a SRI, but I'm wondering if I should wait longer? Is it too early to put the intake because I haven't driven many miles on it or that doesn't matter? How many miles would be a good amount...
  2. The 7th Generation
    Hey guys, I'm looking into getting a high quality short ram air intake system (i.e. afe takeda) but noticed no one seems to making short rams for the 7th gen v6 models. I have a 2004 V6 EX. I like the thought of getting a "dry" filter. I really like the Afe systems but they don't have one. are...
  3. Modify
    I noticed part number TP-7011B on the Takeda SRI instructions for a Pre Filter. Is anyone is using this over their Takeda SRI filter? I would imagine this would effect air flow to an extent...but perhaps would also keep the actual filter cleaner for the long term. Thoughts? :dunno: