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short ram
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  1. The 8th Generation
    So to start things off i’ve been struggling with a problem where whenever i open my door the alarm goes off and i haven’t fixed that yet, but i just installed a takeda short ram but i wasn’t able to connect the MAF back to the intake because it wouldn’t reach, so i just tried a cold start and my...
  2. The 8th Generation
    Hi there, I am about to order a Takeda SRI for my 2009 accord sedan (i4). On amazon there are two different types and I can't seem to tell the difference. Does anyone know why one says "retain" and why the other does not. Here are the Links. retain: non-retain: Thanks for your help...
  3. The 8th Generation
    I have the 08 accord LX just wondering if anybody installed one of these and what kind of power output you got. Apparently these are the only two intakes they make for the 2.4L. Which one would you recommend?
1-3 of 3 Results