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  1. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I'm starting to see these Lexus LS style LED tail lights pop up on ebay. Much better looking than the Eagle Eye versions IMHO. They do not have a brand and ship from China which make them suspect to me. Probably not DOT approved, but curious if anyone has tried them or have any opinions...
  2. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I have sport Tail lights and they look mehhh imo. I like the looks for some of the after market ones that I've found online, also they're a lot cheaper. But ive been hearing that OEM is much better quality, last longer and less prone to problems. Just wanted to confirm whether that's true or...
  3. The 7th Generation
    I just installed black after market headlights on my 2006 accord sedan. Now i want to install new tail lights but don't want to buy any until I know how to install them myself. On youtube i can only find installation videos for the 2003-2005. Anyone know of tutorials or videos telling you how...
1-3 of 8 Results