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  1. Performance
    Hey guy's, I see that most people with a 9th gen accord get the Takeda stage 2 SRI, though it is ironically more expensive than the AEM true cold air intake. Is it only the sound difference that people lean on? I don't see why the Takeda is more than $150 more expensive.
  2. The 8th Generation
    So I just purchased a Takeda SRI but from the info I've been reading on here there's the possiblity of triggering a CEL for loss of pressure? Can someone give me more info about this and how to prevent/fix this issue if it arises? Another thing, when I install should I disconnect the battery...
  3. The 8th Generation
    hey guys i recently upgraded from a 06 civic lx with the "HFP" muffler, res delete, and a injen cold air intake to a 09 accord coupe ex 5 speed which i fricking love!! :thmsup: i loved the sound of my old civic and would like to have something similar or better! i know these cars are no...
  4. The 8th Generation
    I recently installed a injen cold air intake on my new accord an it works great except when it rains or after I wash my car sometimes my engine light starts flashing and car runs very bad I turn off and restart car runs fine if not wet anymore. Code is random misfire. Is this bad to keep the...
  5. The 8th Generation
    While researching this mod I found that there was a lack of videos on YouTube demonstrating the sound achieved after installing a Takeda SRI in a 8th generation, V6 Accord. All of the videos were for the i4's. So, here you go. Hopefully this helps someone who was in the same situation I was in...
  6. The 8th Generation
    Takeda's SRI for the v6 models is up for sale at for $193. It retails at $260 + shipping fees over at Seems like a good deal. They only got four left. Just picked up mine. It's the polished version, too. Has anyone come across a cheaper price recently?
  7. Modify
    I noticed part number TP-7011B on the Takeda SRI instructions for a Pre Filter. Is anyone is using this over their Takeda SRI filter? I would imagine this would effect air flow to an extent...but perhaps would also keep the actual filter cleaner for the long term. Thoughts? :dunno:
  8. The 8th Generation
    I went a little overboard on the details, but this is to really help the novice. Here's my DIY Videos...two part series. DIY PART 1 DIY PART 2 Install should take you 60-90 minutes.
1-8 of 8 Results