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  1. Photo Gallery
    Just joined the forum a couple days ago and picked this up yesterday Got a deal on ceramic coating and tints from the dealer so that’s the only thing currently on it.
  2. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Planning to get my windshield tinted 45%, but want to keep ACC functionality. Will the tint make the acc not work, or will it be fine? found alot of threads on windshield tint but one that refenced acc fictionality after.
  3. The 10th Generation
    I asked my dealer for window tint, and they will schedule for an outside service next week since the guy is out/busy/holiday, according to my saleman. I am surprised that they don't do it in-house. and it costs around $200 1) for those that have window tint, how do you like it? is it done by...
  4. General Drive
    I recently bought a 2010 Accord coupe. The rear window tint is very dark and blurry. Most shops I have contacted want to charge at least $100 for removal, and mention that there is a risk of damaging defroster lines. I am considering doing the procedure myself with ammonia or heat gun. Should...
  5. Photo Gallery
    First off wanted to share some pictures now that I got my windows tinted. Went 35% all the way around and I think it makes the car look great. Also shown is a picture of my first dent. What a weird place right above the back seat window. Heard a noise while driving on the highway and when...
  6. Accessories
    I've been communicating with a local installer via email about the possibility of adding tint to my 2016 Accord Touring. The installer uses the Quick Dry Plus series, made by Global Window Films. Does anyone have an opinion of this particular brand ? The installer claims this particular film...
  7. Photo Gallery
    Some might recall this was my previous Accord***-sport.html Just had to have more power and I've been wanting a V6 since I test drove one at a car show a few months ago so about two weeks ago I pulled the plug and got myself a...
  8. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    So I got my white 2015 Accord Sport last week. Was hesitant on getting it since the 2016 is already here. Needless to say, I couldn't pass up the amazing deal I got. So far I have already changed out the entire sound system with Alpine all around, including amps,subs and processor. I also...
  9. The 9th Generation
    Trying to find a good forum for this post but I guess this is the best I can do, hopefully it's not off topic. Wonder if anyone can give me some advise on how to handle this situation. When I bought my 2015 EX-L Sedan, I managed to get it without any of the dealership addons or "addendums"...
  10. The 9th Generation
    I'm thinking of tinting my car sometime soon. One tint shop near me uses Llumiar (STD, ATC, and CTX series). Another one offers 3M Color Stable, SunTek Carbon and CarbonXP. If anyone has used or is using any of those, how is it?
  11. The 9th Generation
    Hey everyone. Yesterday I got tints on my '14 Accord sedan. I went to a quality tints shop in the LI area. I have read that 3M tints are the way to go so I requested those. As far as the tints % goes I requested them to be compliant with NY state law. I was told that as long as the front two...
  12. The 9th Generation
    Well, I just joined this forum (finally) and this is my first post! I got my new '14 touring back in September and now that its getting warmer out I am looking to add tint. My primary focus is heat reduction, but obviously I want it to look slick. I'm not too concerned about visibility, but I...
  13. The 9th Generation
    I tried searching on this forum for distortion caused by tints but havent found detailed answer to this so here I am. I'm thinking about tinting my windows with 3m Crystalline 40% on the back and 70%'s in the front. I've seen some pictures on yelp while I was researching tint shops and some...
  14. Accessories
    I was looking for a window tint strip that goes across the top of the windshield. I can only find blank ones, but I'm interested in one that says "Honda" in white or silver. Any ideas? Thank you!
  15. The 8th Generation
    Hi I just recently bought a 2008 Accord coupe and I'm not sure if I should tint my tail lights or not. And if i do decide to get them tinted should i tint all of it or leave the white regular and just the red tinted?! If you have your tinted I would love some pics. Opinions are helpful too
  16. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Just picked up my new 2014 Accord EX-l sedan and needed some ideas or pictures if anybody has some. First: Tint. I have black interior and was thinking of either 20 or 35 percent tint, which would you pick? Second: Rims. I was thinking of just getting new 17 inch rims so I wouldn't have to...
  17. The 7th Generation
    I have decided to get window tint for my 03 Coupe and I have talked about percentages and what-not before. That's not what this is about. This time I'm debating whether or not I should tint the area on the rear window where the middle brake light is located. I'm assuming I have the option for...
  18. The 7th Generation
    I have a 2004 Honda coupe accord v6 in charcoal grey, and i wanna get tint but i want it to look natural but not to light what percent tint do you think i should get on the side windows and rear view window. BTW i live in New york....any suggestions
  19. The 7th Generation
    Hey guys, I used the search but couldn't find anything. Does anybody know anywhere online, or anyone on the forum that is selling tinted OEM taillights for an 04 coupe? I searched all over online for them and all I can find is either the tint overlay (tried it, and I suck at tint haha) or the...
  20. The 7th Generation
    Hey I was wondering if anyone has tried to tint just the white part on the tail lights(where the reverse lights are). If so did it work out an how did it look? Do you think I would need brighter reverse lights then like leds?...If anyone has any pics can you post them up? Thank you
1-20 of 26 Results