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  1. The 6th Generation
    Hello all, I am hoping you are able to guide me in the right direction with a problem I am not able to diagnose. I'm dealing with a 1999 4 door Accord EX with a thans concern. Teh vehicle has 241 K on it and we replaced the transmission with a JDM recently. The reason for replacing the unit was...
  2. The 7th Generation
    Hi everyone. I am shopping for a 7th gen coupe and I am torn between either the 05 4-cyl auto and the 03 V6 auto. Both have their awesome points and their ehhhh points. The 03 v6 only has 63k mileage for $9990 but its also an automatic and as I was reading threads, I saw countless mentioning...
  3. The 7th Generation
    07 accord automatic 2.4l Ok we have all seen the videos of the pumping out of old trans fluid from the cooler line until its nice and red while running engine and filling trans with new fluid at the same time. How safe is this? I know you have to keep pouring the new fluid in while the old...
  4. The Early Generations
    My 95 accord is having acceleration problems. I jumped the OBDI and got the D4 blinking. 14 is the code it is giving. The Check Engine light does not blink at all. Does anyone know what the trouble code 14 is for the transmission? I can't find it in any forum or my Haynes manual.
1-4 of 4 Results