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  1. The 7th Generation
    HI, my master clutch cylinder just rip off. I was looking for a k tuned cmc, and I was wondering if the k tuned cmc of an Acura TSX 2004-2008 would fit on my accord 2003 2.4l.
  2. The 7th Generation
    I've been pouring over threads and posts here at DA ever since I took the keys to my "new to me" '07 SE last weekend - so much great info, really great site ! Anyways, one of the first mods I'd love to do is swap the IM out for the TSX unit ... And my through searches on the interwebs I've...
  3. The 8th Generation
    Once again, This post is about 08 accord and not 7th gen. so Please to an admin, Do not remove the thread because I need help. Neochron, I really thank your help. I will contact the accord dealershop to get the tsx Intake manifold to actually put beside 08 accord IM. (hopefully tomorrow)...