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  1. Performance
    Hey so I’m in ND and their isn’t very many options for tuning where I’m located that i know of and i was wondering if their is any place y’all know that does over the computer stuff I have ktuner:))))
  2. Performance
    Hi all, new forum user here so excuse any "noobness". I just recently bought a 2015 v6 coupe and am looking to upgrade performance but also sound on a budget (if possible). So a couple things i'd like addressed to the best of anyones ability, the more info, the better. 1. Best exhaust for...
  3. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Started my 1 month old 2016 Accord EX-L i4 this morning, changed from XMSirius to FM and got >>>"Unfortunately, tunner has stopped." Yes, that's the way the message appeared on my screen! Well, here we are, 1700 miles into a 6500 mile trip from home to the northeast and then Florida before...
  4. The 8th Generation
    Hello everyone, I recently installed an f81acrd in my 2010 accord sedan, install went ok (I lost a screw :/) but once I entered the security code for the radio, I found that the fm/am tuner does not pick up any channels. It was fine before, now it is all static. I asked on the f81acrd thread but...
1-4 of 4 Results