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  1. The 8th Generation
    Hey Accord owners. I just purchased my 2008 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan 12 days ago. I've noticed this weird and extremely annoying rumble from the rear end of my Accord whenever I go over a pot-hole or rough bumps. It is right where the rear speakers are located. Now whenever I push toward the rear...
  2. The 8th Generation
    some gopro footage from my first track day... oh, and paddle shifters? ...yeah, they work great. :yes:
  3. The 8th Generation
    I was wondering if it is possible to somehow get the OEM navi in the 2011 honda accords to play video from ipods. Thank you in advance for any posts.
  4. The 7th Generation
    Magnaflow 16686. First run. I like that camera btw. Kodak zi8 w/ sony condenser microphone attached. Captures sound/vid nicely.
  5. General Drive
    Hey everyone, Ever since I joined this forum a month or two ago I have seen some really great pictures and video of all of your accords and now I could really use some help. I am making a website of my own and i need some video footage to use in a video I am making for my website. Any videos you...