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  1. The 10th Generation
    Just want to record the car wash this time because it's really difficult to find a suitable day in winter! I find this year winter exceptionally cold because there are rare days of sunny and above 5C. I didn't perform the standard 2-bucket method. This saves time but may not be the standard...
  2. Maintenance & Detailing
    I got a couple chips on my Accord (Black Crystal Sapphire color). I ordered Dr. ColorChip (DCC). Are there any rules for washing after you use DCC? My plan is to fix the chips and then wait about 2 hours then give the car a wash and finish up with a spray on wax job. What do you guys think?
  3. Maintenance & Detailing
    I've searched through the threads and didn't see this issue addressed. Got my white 7th Gen hand-washed this morning to remove the pollen buildup during the past month! It was sparkling for a few hours, but now a fine new layer of pollen has settled across everything. What is the best product...
  4. Problems & Solutions
    I'm not sure what they are, but all of them started to show up after I took it to the dealer. I think they are either oil spots or I did a bad job waxing. I'm unsure, so I need you guys wisdom and solutions on how to get rid of them ~_~!
  5. Maintenance & Detailing
    Ok, I spent most of this weekend detailing my car, being I haven't really detailed it and waxed it since I bought the car about 3 months ago. Can't believe how sharp my car looks, it's ready for a car show (takes me back to the days of hitting up 3 car shows a week with all my car buddies...
  6. Maintenance & Detailing
    Spent 4 hours on a nice hot Saturday morning to strip/clay/wash/wax my new car. Started off with good old Dawn to strip whatever wax was on it. Then spent an hour to clay the car which was less time than I thought it would take. It did take off some stuff that I could see, but the biggest...
  7. Maintenance & Detailing
    2 kinds of wax interest me - the One step for limited time applications. 2.) the much more energy/time consuming kind, where you must apply, buff, shine, etc. i like the Turtle Wax one step spray as u dry wax. anybody know of any tricks of trade or hints for me?? i looooove...
  8. Maintenance & Detailing
    So I was at a gas station filling up one day and the employee came up and asked if he can show me how good it is. He gave me a demo and just to get him off my back I bought a can. Now I'm deciding if I should use it or not? Have anyone ever heard of it or tried it before? The full name is...
1-8 of 8 Results