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  1. Performance
    I recently installed a throttle body spacer on my 2017 Honda Accord EX-L V6, Automatic Transmission. I noticed that when I finished installing the spacer that this hose pulled about half an inch away from where it was prior to installation, the throttle body spacer is a 3/4” spacer so it makes...
  2. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I've been having troubles with the lane-assist functions, and when I took it to my Honda dealer for service, they said they will look into it. They couldn't find any issues, and it would require more time and money to research it... I declined the additional research. A few days later, a...
  3. The 9th Generation
    Hi there, I drive a 2015 Honda Accord LX. It only has about 48,000 miles on it, and I like to keep it well maintained. Today, upon mowing, I found a small, black, plastic part at the end of my driveway. I'm not sure that it even belongs on my car, but I want to be sure that everything is in...
1-3 of 3 Results