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window tinting

  1. The 10th Generation
    I asked my dealer for window tint, and they will schedule for an outside service next week since the guy is out/busy/holiday, according to my saleman. I am surprised that they don't do it in-house. and it costs around $200 1) for those that have window tint, how do you like it? is it done by...
  2. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I did window tinting in a reputed local shop few days ago and when I picked up the car I noticed the smart entry indicator stays on all the time. Also the smart entry is not working when I want to open/close the door ( I have to explicitly click on the open/close door button in keyfob). When I...
  3. The 9th Generation
    Hi I'm getting my windows tinted tomorrow and wanted to see if anybody out there has got The front windshield visor strip tinted? Not sure if I want to add that to the tint job but wanted to see if anybody has some pics. thanks