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    Hey guys I'm looking for a manual accord with the v6 motor. Coupe or sedan but preferably sedan. Located in VA but will travel/ ship if price is right. Thanks for looking! C
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    Hey guys i'm interested in buying some new headlights for my car and was wdonering if anyone was selling a pair of Anzo projector headlights, or something similar with better than OEM light output.
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    willing to buy in channel door visors for 7th gen coupe. Im not interested in adhedive (not in-channel) visors. if ya got some real ones... hit me up at [email protected]
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    I'm looking in buying a set of HFP wheels 17" or 18". Preferably with the tires. Either the 5,7, or 10 spoke HFP rims. If you are selling please post a picture and a price.
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    I am looking for a couple of parts for my 03 accord COUPE 4cyl. First is a exhaust, ideally looking for a custom magnaflow dual exhaust 2.25 piping. Something like ws2, or a tanabe . Just something that sounds nice on WOT. Something along those line would be great or any parts that would help...
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    As stated above looking for a clean functional set new or used set of the above listed cpilivers. 720--224(83)7.eight text me as I'm not in DA often. I have bought and sold on my8thgen so that's where my reps will be. Thanks. Again please text me price and info to my cell.
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    I am dumped in my rear right now on Megan street coil overs, but there is major camber in the rear that provides that huge ass gap. So I am in the market for some wheel spacers to fix that. hit me up if you guys know anything.