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  1. General Drive
    Well, over the weekend I made a huge decision to let go of my beloved 6-6 8th gen coupe. After owning the car for 4 years this month, I've become greatly attached the car, as it served it's purpose and beyond. But, I've been in search of purchasing a used n55 335i and I found a deal up in PA...
  2. Performance
    So after weeks of the box sitting in my living room, I finally got my XLR8 J-pipe (JPIPE-V2-UA8FWD) installed Saturday afternoon. I watched my mechanic struggle a bit to take out the OEM one. Seems as if the nuts and bolts were rusted on and it took a little extra effort to break them loose. I...
  3. The 8th Generation
    So yesterday while I was at work, a coach bus decided to make a wide left on the corner of a one way that I was parked on. The right side of his rear bumper dragged against my left, rear quarter panel. Witnesses said he stopped for two minutes to see if anyone noticed, and then pulled off...
1-3 of 3 Results