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▶ Classified Forum Rules : : Read before posting ◀

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▶ ▶ ▶ Classified Forum Rules : : Read before posting ◀ ◀ ◀


(Effective Nov. 1, 2020)​

Members may make purchases and post Want To Buy (WTB) threads, but do not mention or post anything you have For Sale (FS) or For Trade (WTT) until:

1) You have at least 30 acceptable posts outside of the Classifieds Forum section.

2) You have been a participating and contributing member of DriveAccord for at least 3 months (i.e. at least 90 days have passed since your first qualifying post).

This includes responding to WTB posts. If you think you have what someone is looking for, you'll need to send that person a PM instead unless you meet the minimum requirements.

- DO NOT post just for the sake of getting your required number of posts. Posts considered unacceptable will either be deleted or will not be counted toward the minimum requirement.​
- All of your posts will be scrutinized and the Moderators will make the final decision on your eligibility to sell items here.​
- If a member is seen as posting just to satisfy the minimum requirements, then your ability to post in the classified section may be rescinded.​
- Posts made in the Classifieds section WILL NOT count toward the minimum requirement.​

This rule is not debatable and will be strictly enforced as it is for the protection of our members. We do not want strangers coming onto the site and scamming our members.

Any FS or WTT post found not meeting the minimum requirements and/or classified forum rules will be deleted without notice.


1) Start the title of the thread with FS: (For Sale), WTB: (Want To Buy) WTT: (Want To Trade), or FREE:.

2) In the body of your For Sale, Want To Trade, or Free post, please use the format below to list THE BASIC FACTS for each item being sold or traded:


A. What is for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.):
B. Condition:
C. Price/What you want to trade for:
D. Location of item:
E. Picture of item for sale / for trade / for free with a sheet of paper (i.e. verification slip) with the following on it:

  • Your user name
  • DriveAccord
  • Today's date


If the For Sale, For Trade, or Free post does not follow the above format, it may be deleted without any notice. If it get's deleted, don't complain since you didn't follow the rules.

Can't provide all the BASIC FACTS? Then you're not ready to post.

3) DO NOT bother registering if it's for the sole purpose of selling things. Take it to eBay or Craigslist. The intent of the Classifieds section is for participating/contributing DriveAccord members to sell and trade items they no longer need or want.

4) No commercial sales or solicitations allowed. If you would like to sell comercially, contact the Admin or sales[at] to become a site sponsor/vendor.

This includes group-buys offered by non-DriveAccord sponsoring vendors. If you or a non-DriveAccord sponsoring vendor would like to conduct a group-buy, please contact the Admin first. Any unauthorized group-buy postings will be deleted.

5) All items sold or traded must be your own personal property (no selling/trading for someone else). You must personally own the item and be accountable for the condition and delivery of the item for sale or for trade.

All items sold must also be in quantities that are reasonable for use in normal applications. In other words, no bulk or volume sales (bulk sales mean > 1 item).

If you acquire items in quantity with the intent of offering them for resale here, you are considered a dealer under this rule (refer to rule # 4).

6) NO price gouging or flipping. You may not sell an item for more than what it normally costs or what you paid for the item itself under any circumstances. Things that should not be calculated into the items price paid include, but is not limited to, the cost to get the product to you (i.e. taxes, shipping fees, custom and duty fees) or your personal time and labor. Take it to eBay, Craigslist, or somewhere else if you're looking for a profit.

Trying to profit off of fellow DriveAccord members is not in the spirit of this forum.

7) Prohibited items:
  • No bootleg/pirated software (This includes copies of navigation DVDs)
  • Illegal material/stolen property
  • No reselling subscriptions or access to data behind a pay wall
  • No Pornographic or Not Work Safe (NWS) items are to be sold or traded in this forum
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or any type of related products
If you're posting a sale for software (i.e. computer, gaming console, navigational discs), movies, or software bundled with other items, you are required to post a picture of the item(s) with its seal of authenticity or other means to verify that the item is genuine.​

8). DO NOT bump the thread more than once per day. DO NOT bump the thread if it's still visible on the 1st page of the Classified section. A “bump” is a post to get your thread back to the top of and/or on the 1st page.

a) DO NOT bump the thread if someone has already bumped it for that day. It is not necessary. Excessive bumping will result in either the bump post(s) getting deleted or the entire thread.​

9) Please post in your thread when each item has been SOLD or ask a Moderator to lock it.

10) DO NOT create a new thread for items that you have previously posted For Sale (FS) or For Trade (FT). Bump your old thread.

11) NO "feeler," "gauging interest," "testing water," or "possibly for sale" type threads. Either you're selling or trading the item or you're not. If you're not sure, don't post it here until you are ready.

12) You MUST list an asking price.

13) Please keep any discussion/posts on topic and relevant to the topic.

This is for the seller's and buyer's benefit. A person shouldn't have to read through a bunch of posts to see if, for example, the item has been sold or not, if the price has been lowered, if the seller is now willing to ship, etc.

Excessive chatter will result in the deletion of the thread. Have a comment? PM the seller.

14) Don't just post a link to your eBay auction, Craigslist ad, or other For Sale/For Trade listing. This also means no 'describing' an ebay item or item number, PMing links to bid on eBay or similar sites. All the Basic Facts are required even when posting a link to another listing, an eBay auction or Craigslist ad.

15) DO NOT thread crap. It is not the job of members to tell the seller whether the price is too high or too low. If you don't like the price, then PM the seller and work out a more reasonable price. If you're not interested in the item, then don't post in the thread.

16) Those who continually ignore, violate, or fail to follow these rules may be suspended or banned.


All transactions are the responsibilities of the parties involved. We are not responsible or liable for any transactions that may go bad. Please use sound judgment when you make a purchasing and payment decision.

These rules are NOT for n00bs to debate. Please READ the thread for justification


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I just finished reading 7 pages of Classifield Rules. Usually i go to 7Gen and read, never been in here before that why i make a mistake. I agreed with all the RULES we have here.
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