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-00 2-4 dr Engine block Heater except V6

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In need of Instructions?

I did not find any instructions for an engine block heater for my -00 here or elsewhere on the net, but I bought a heater anyway.
$40.00 + tax at the local Honda dealer. (cheap price to pay for a faster comfortable temp during winter times in cleveland + less engine wear )

Anyhow, I ordered the item and planned to use whatever instructions I had found (1997-99). At the time of pick up the local dealer asked me if I wanted for him to check if they had any instructions available for my make and model.
They sure did, so I thought that I could join the forum and share the info.

And here it is... :banana:

Enjoy! :wave:


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Thanks for helpin out! :thmsup: I'm not quite sure why they basically reused the instructions from a 5th gen Accord - the 1998-2002's don't have a separate front turn signal :dunno:
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