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hey guys,

I was really hoping to give everyone a DIY on the "Inspire Front End Conversion" at the end of this month, but Karas was hit by a flood :(

I'll start with the pic below: she's the tiny white one in the middle. And, the water went up just above the belt line before it receded:

She was towed to Pep-Boys being that they were in the same lot, and because she wouldn't start. I was really lucky because one of the managers there used to be a Honda Technician in Huntington NY and recognized some of the things I did to the car, and paid a little more attention to what was being done to her. Also, he only made me pay the diagnosis fee ($89 + tax), while they did more to the car like compression test and the like.

He said the engine along with the intake, was good, no water contamination. But the bigger problem might be the ECU, since no spark was being delivered to the ignition coil. He recommended that the car to be taken to a Honda shop for further and better diagnosis, or even possible repair.

So I called my insurance (Metlife, please don't ask) and made a claim. I insisted that she be taken directly to Honda but my agent said they will not guarantee their repair, and insisted that one of their recommend shops will be. She was then towed to an auto-body repair (shop A), a block away from where I work so I was happy in that sense. They sublet the repair for the "no ignition problem" to another shop (shop B), about 2 blocks from me; the insurance was aware of this and said it will be guaranteed as well.

About a month and a half, I got the call from Shop A stating that she's ready for pick-up; that was yesterday Friday afternoon. Upon arrival, they were washing the car, which made me really happy, in top of seeing her again. I asked for the keys to start her up, and.. well, guess what's the first thing that i saw?

I'll save the aggravation and frustration from you guys, and this already lengthy post, but basically, they're blaming me for the check-engine light due to the aftermarket parts that I've put in the car. And they will not do further repairs since it's not covered by the insurance. To top it all, they did a really, really, really, poor execution of putting my interior back together:

So here are the error codes from the reading:

P0507 - Idle Control System Rpm Higher Than Expected
P2279 - Intake Air System Leak

And from what I've gathered, it might be a simple Intake / Vacuum leak somewhere in the engine, which causes the car idle to rev up and down on Park. So I checked all the hoses - from the PCV valve hose, to the EGR, to the EVAP, to the Brake Booster hose, and of course the intake: everything was secured. So it's possible that my IAC valve might be shot, BUT there's something that's troubling me - please check the video:

What's causing that whine? it seems like it's coming from the passenger side of the engine? I tried moving my hands in and around the intake manifold, and felt no air leaks (which might not be the best way of doing it). I did this to the driver side as well, and all over the throttle body and found everything to be fine. Should I try the carb-cleaning leak test?

I called my agent again and left a voice-mail stating that the car is not actually drivable, and wanted it taken to another, better, reputable shop who will actually guarantee their repair of the car and not leave it in this state. I could've called Shop B, which I did in the process of waiting but they kept jerking me around. And they could've called me regarding the problem. But it seemed like they don't care, since they sent back the car to Shop A implying that she's good to go. So, I'm not going to bother with them anymore.

So here's my dilemma: should I bother with the insurance? should i take it to Honda and pay for the diagnosis? if it's just the IAC (hoping), I can do that myself since i'm planning to change the coolant (in top of changing the motor and transmission oil). Or should I take it to another mechanic shop? which I don't know who and where anymore.

Now the only reason I'm mentioning of taking it to Honda, is because on a leap of faith that they'll actually tell me what's wrong with the car, what needs to be repaired, being that they have the right tools to begin with. Also, one of my co-workers said that he actually knows a couple of top people of 2 Honda dealers in Long Island, Babylon and Huntington.

Thanks in advance.

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