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I hope what I am seeing is not factory. The crossover network wiring looks to be done with butt connectors. It is the gray connector circled in green. Not sure if this is from factory or not? Can't imagine it would be. Also there appears to be some ground loop on the antenna connector but it looks like the wire has been cut. This also does not look factory and radio reception is poor.

What also is weird is the top connector the female is


1. Is this factory?

2. If not factory can I cut and re-solder a harness from a sedan nav unit? I am afraid if I cut out the butt connectors I might not have enough slack left to easily remove tab from back.

3. Antenna issue- Is there a joint connector somewhere where I can just disconnect mine section and reconnect one from a pull a part without having to go all the way to the connection at the antenna?

4. I have 2 nav radios. Coupe radio does not display the temp on the left and right of the clock. The nav from the sedan does. I think I know what section of the assembly is the audio, nav, and HVAC. Can these be separated so I can use the radio from the coupe which should be 180 watts and this for the one in the sedan unit? The sedan unit displays the temp. Do I have them separated in the picture?



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