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05 Accord V6 (Auto) O-Ring Replacement

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Hey guys,

I have a 05 Accord V6 (Automatic), and I just performed the O-ring (orange) change following the TSB. The problem is after replacing the o-ring, I start the car and let the car idle and the groan/whine is still there when I turn the wheel. I went for a drive and there was no groan, after parking my car, the groan/whine (although not as loud) is still there when I turn the wheel all the way at max.

After the 10 minute drive, I checked the reservoir and there were some bubbles (fluid level is fine). Should I use a turkey baster and siphon some of the old fluid out and replace with Honda PS fluid?

Hopefully some of you guys could chime in and help me out.

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After I did mine for the 3rd time (don't ask, long story), the sound went away after a day of use. It just has to get all the air out of the system.

But I've always used Honda PS fluid.

turn the wheel from side to side while holding about 2000 rpm. center it. shut off the car and wait a few min. repeat until the noise is gone.
Yep, sounds like air still residing within the system. Luckily for me when I performed this TSB it went right away.
It can take a little while for the noise to go away.
Can I have a link to the TSB?
It is a STICKY here on the 7th Gen forums...
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