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06 Accord Coupe V6 build thread

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Hi guys, I've been on these forums for a little while now and been mostly lurking and researching/learning a lot about my car and everyone else's car on here too lol. It's about time I start my own thread for my car, and the additions or modifications I've done to it. I also want to post all my maintenance and repairs in here as well. I've been putting off repairs for too long now, and I've finally bought the new parts to get the job done, now it's just a matter of getting it done lol.

Anyways, I got this car almost a year ago with nearly 73k miles on it, and a like new leather interior :thmsup:! that was the selling point for me. It had some pretty bad scratches and dents on the front bumper passenger side also holes all over the rear bumper from what looks like someone's bolts from license plates that the previous owner backed into SEVERAL TIMES :thumbsdow so I knew I was going to do bodywork/paint sometime down the rode after I've scratched it up enough lol because this is my FIRST car :biggrin: so i know it's gonna happen, although I do know how to park unlike the previous owner ugh, I got a backup cam asap lol because why wouldn't you?

Other than that everything was running great and smoothly when I first got it, then a couple months of aggressive driving and a few joy rides it started to make a couple subtle yet noticeable engine/suspension noises :dunno: it took me awhile to figure it out but after a lot of searching and reading I read it could be my compliance bushings in my lower control arm or maybe my sway bar end-links. Sure enough on BOTH SIDES the rubber is cracked on each one of those parts :grumpy: well I was glad I found the problem finally.

Before I do anymore mods/additions to my car I want to make sure it's running in tip top shape and as healthy as can be.
Here is a list of the maintenance/repairs I want to do:
ATF Drain and fill 3x
Rotors (rust, screeching)
ALL Motor Mounts
Transmission Mounts
Drive Belt/Serpentine Belt
Timing Belt and Water Pump

Future mods not in any particular order:
30% tint all around
HID or LED reverse light
05' font lip
Inspire fogs
Quad HID retrofit
Bluetooth/aux/ipod input
Cold Air Intake
In-dash tablet/carpc

Things I've done or added so far (in order):
Plastidip grill matte black
Plastidip wheels gloss black
Paint break calipers "Ford blue"
Foot well 5050 LED music reactive strips
HID Mini H1 Projector Retrofit
2 10" Kicker Comps ported box
600w Kicker KX600.1 Amp
Stealthy backup cam & 3.5" temporary screen in cubby

Here are some shitty phone pics just to give you guys an idea of what my daily looks like.

The parts I bought a couple days ago

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Your grille looks out of place. Like it's not snapped into the slits on the bottom portion onto the bumper.

and good luck fitting inspire fogs on a coupe.

last but not least, good luck finding a 03-05 front lip. lol Well, OEM that is.
Lol the parking was for the picture I almost never park like that for that very reason, but thanks for the advice! Also you are spot on about those clips, the passenger side of the front bumper clip is broken also ALL of the bottom clips for the grill were gone when I got the bueno :/ I should probably order a set of 25 off eBay soon lol I saw they're super cheap. I've read that its a lot more bumper cutting for the coupe but I didn't think it should be that much tougher than a sedan bumper? Am I wrong??
Well, you don't have to use the clips. There's a little slit on the bumper where it meets the grille, and you can just "snap/push" it in there. Mines held in with no clips on the bottom just by the little slits.

Well, the sedan and coupe bumper are completely different. Different shape, different grill, different fog lights. The holes make look the same, but I believe no ones done it because it takes work.

thank you! I think my fogs covers, and bumper style is the 06-07 or 7.5 gen, and it looks like yours is 03-05 coupe bumper? either way...I can't wait to get my fogs I plan to retrofit projectors in my inspire fogs

you have a 06 accord, thus you have a 7.5 gen. If you want the 03-05 lip, you have to cut a little of the middle of the lip because the lower grille opening on the 03-05 bumper is larger.

And I don't think it'll be possible to retrofit those because of how small they are. My buddy did ls430 retros' on his fogs but were the oem ones. there was barely any room left.
Yup. I got an 03. And i though about retroing fogs too but like Lowandslow said the lights are to small but never know. Not sure how good at modding you are to get something to fit in them
From the front it looks fine. But the back looks terrible. There's glue/hondabonda type material all over the back and looks bad. But that's just me. you can't see it obviously since it's in the back, but dam. so much glue.
On your friends fogs he retroed?
Yeah. Some guy locally did it for him. Guess the housing was a little too small for the actual projector and maybe it got extended. He was gonna give them to me for $5 lol
Pictures ddnt work for me either

Only $5? Guess they looked that bad not to take for 5 bucks
Nah. They looked great from the front and the output was good. He was just getting rid of it and sold me things for dirt cheap. Hell, the coils I'm on now I got for $150 and they're $850+ brand new. lol
Pictures ddnt work for me either

Only $5? Guess they looked that bad not to take for 5 bucks
I envy your parts hookups, if I could find quality coilovers for $150 I'd buy them in a heartbeat lol hey I recall you saying your accord was boosted to 470 whp at one point?! How did you achieve such powa???

BTW where are those fogs now?

I mean, they weren't my first choice. I parted out and was going to get springs, but these were cheaper. Plus, he wanted to get rid of em.

And yep. Think it made like 473 or something on 14lbs or 12lbs or something like that. I have the sheet around the the house somewhere. Well, being a 4-cyl has it's advantages. I had a k20 head swap and tuned on k-pro. gt35r turbo and sidewinder manifold and some generic intercooler and piping. That was maybe the 3rd run. Then heard something on the 4th run and shut it down. I was tempted to fully build it but my priorities changed. Reverted back to completely stock and sold all my parts.

I think he still has them. It's just the fogs though. No housing. So just the round glass part.
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