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07 Accord 4Cyl Serpentine Belt Question

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Hi All,

New to the forum, so not sure if this has already been covered or not, but looking for a specific answer. Changed my serpentine belt today with Honda OEM for first time at 105k. Belt still did not have any cracks or irregular wear, but the belt was a little dull and I had recently driven in some heavy rain where it became wet, so I figured I might as well change it since it's about that time.

I jacked the car up, removed the wheel, took out the wheel well guard and fit the new belt on, fit's perfectly, and car starts up, drives perfect and idles about 50-100rpm lower than before.

That being said, the indicator is not centered 100%, it seems to be offset to the right just slightly. Is this a problem, something that should be addressed (such as replacing the auto-tensioner), or could this be fine? Again, everything works, AC does not shake, etc etc.

I've attached a picture for reference, Thank you in advance!


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It's a new belt, that has not had a chance to stretch. It's fine.
Its fine. Mine was the same way. If you have two people you don't have to take the wheel off its easier. It will be fine though. It will stretch a little. As others may say once you see the cracking and wear or it stretches the indicator to the other side then its time for a new one.
I just wanted to compliment you on your first post. Nice pic, detailed description, and a well-written question. Keep it up.

You can search because this question comes up from time to time. That bar is a rough guide, and you are clearly well within spec.

Remember to thank ypsibird and BLCKFLSH as the last page of the link I provided shows the page right out of the manual.
I haven't changed mine since buying the car in 2008 with 50K. It's now near 160K and the belt doesn't show any cracks. They get wet all the time, btw.
Thank you everyone for the quick responses and great answers! I really appreciate your detailed feedback and answers.
The OEM belt on my 2003 I4 5MT Coupe has not been changed and the stretch indicator has only moved about 1 millimeter. This after 10 years and 200 000 km.

Put some teeth on this belt and it's probably related to the belt final drive on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. which is high tensile forces and lots of abrupt "yanking" on the belt.

These belts are strong strong strong..................
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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