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09 Ex-L i4 / 4M Oil Consumption (again)

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I had been complaining about oil consumption... about a qt every 1000 miles. I now have about 75,000 miles

Did the TSB... no perceptible change to the oil consumption.

they did a "oil consumption" test... and confirmed that I am using quite a bit of oil.

The service Adjuster said something interesting... Honda knows they have a problem...but want to do 2 oil consumption tests before "fixing" the problem.

I assume the fix is to tear down the motor and re-do the rings...

Q: does this really fix the issue... for those that have had this fix?
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Which TSB did the dealer perform?
Did the dealership you performed the 'TSB' at tell you it would correct the issue?

As far as the oil consumption goes, two test would be appropriate to measure a little more
detailed if oil is being consumed.
If you have the TSB number we can let you know what was done to the car under that bulletin.
fixed my problem. i was under a quart at the first 1k check. i didnt even drive it home that day. they used conventional 5w20. when i got it back i did a full synthetic 5w20 and i havent lost n e thing. (knock on wood) but i just noticed my vtc actuator making noise so hopefully if i do lose oil it will be that and not my new pistons and rings.
I got a new engine last year do to oil consumption

Just dropped the car off of the service to be completed.

They are replacing the Pistons and Rings.

WIll update after a few weeks to see if the oil consumption issues was fixed.
Still repairing.

Found chain to have stretched and tensioners have to be replaced.

I had wondered about the chain looks like they are stepping up to the plate.
I had the pistons and rings on my 2008 EX-L i4 done 2 months ago under warranty. So far things are looking good so far. The one thing I found is the engine sounds different. The mechanic told me that is due to the different piston rings that Honda is using to correct the problem. So if you notice that your engine sounds different, then it is most likely due to the pistons that were replaced.
It is an issue on 4 cylinders as well? Man honda ****ed up.
Is this covered if you are out of warranty?
Is this covered if you are out of warranty?
I am not sure for the I4. I know the v6 now has an 8 year unlimited mile warranty on this specific issue.
Is this covered if you are out of warranty?
First reported under warrantee.

Bought extended warrantee at time of purchase.
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