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100k Miles

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I'm new here and my 2003 Accord v6 just rolled over to 100k miles. I'm Zach ******* and the second owner if the car. Bought it used from a dealership so I don't really know how we'll the first owner treated it but it made is this far. However at a 100400 miles she finally gave up on me on my way to work. I tried to baby her a long for as long as I could. I new transmission failure was imminent but being that I'm in college I tried to keep her going for as long as possible. It's kind of insult to injury being that I just put some new tires on it. However thank god for parents because they're helping tremendously. I live on my own in Mobile working and going to school in the Aircraft Maintenance and Training program available through ST Aerospace and my parents live in Pensacola. They've lent me there vehicle and are borrowing one of my grandparents vehicles for them selves. My parents are working on getting in touch with hond this week and trying tiger the to replace the transmission. Slim chances but worth a shot. If that doesn't work they are gonna get a rebuilt put in. I was also thinking about installing a transmission cooler after getting it back as well. Also what kind of breakin period will there be for the new transmission? And here we go with the picture of the miles.
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Your shop will discuss any breakin terms. They all ultimately come from the same couple of remanufacturers and mine that was put in this past June did not come with break in instructions beyond a fluid flush in their hands at 1k, and every 15k afterwards, but check with your mechanic. Sometimes it may matter to keep any warranty valid.

Happy travels.
Thanks for the information. Not sure why it censored the last part of my name. Anyways after I get my car back I hope to do a few simple mods to it. Not sure what all I want to do yet though.
Not sure why it censored the last part of my name.
I deleted your last name out for security/privacy purposes. Just a safe guard is all.
Please What symptoms did it give you before it packed up?
Oh. I understand about the name thing. And before she finally gave out on me I had problems with it hesitating when going from 2nd to 3rd and then it slipped out of gear once but when right back in and kept going like nothing happened. However it just got worse and worse until finally it gave out. I was trying to save money for a new one anyways. I knew it was coming. I'd just watch out for it when it starts hesitating when changing gears. If it starts doing it I'd recommend a 3x drain and fill. Then keep changing the fluid every 15k to 30k miles. Wish I had that advice when I got the car but unfortunately I didn't learn about it till it was to late.
Was the oil jet recall performed on the car? Not that it helped much ... but probably helps a little?
Yeah, when I got the car I looked up the vin number and all the recalls had been taken care of.
I'm going to hug my 3rd pedal tomorrow.
If it starts doing it I'd recommend a 3x drain and fill. Then keep changing the fluid every 15k to 30k miles.
Not "if it starts"... so it doesn't start. You want to be proactive, not reactive after the damage is done. Don't forget to change the tranny filter too.
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