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Had the weather techs in my 9th gen and they were junk. They slid around everywhere and the one piece rear mat was a joke, every time someone rode in the back it would deform where it made contact with the front seat rails. Seems like weather techs are like this across the board not just in the Accords. The stock mats are better in some ways, specifically in that they have the rubber teeth that help prevent movement. Still not near as good as their previous generation accord mats. I still have a 6th gen with rubber mats and they are awesome. They still look very good after 17 years and 220k miles. They contain about 3-4 times as much material and as such they have enough mass to stay where you put them. Survived many many scrubbings with de greaser and are still going strong. I am interested to see if Honda has made some improvement with the 10th gen mats although I never understood why they strayed from their previous design concepts. Usually once a product is perfected you don't want to make it worse as time progresses.

Wait, your 9th gen doesn’t have the hooks to keep mats in place?

I have the Digital Fit Weathertech mats in our Kia and they’re great. I also have the Honda mats in my Accord. The rubber is so soft I don’t expect them to last as long as the Weathertechs.

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