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@Renaissance Man

I merged this newer thread into your existing sway bar thread (no one searches first) because I can't stand clutter and redundancy.

We have a chance to make this thread extremely informative and comprehensive because we caught it early. If you want me to "jailbreak" into your first post and add information- please post it in this thread, then send me a PM. I will update and then delete the "please update" post.

The problem with the 8th, and 9th Gen sway bar upgrade thread(s) is that there were too many, and not comprehensive. The 7th Gen sway bar thread is pretty good, because a mod stepped in and kept adding info to post number one. It also helped that complete sentences were used instead of garbled, incomprehensible "text speak" lacking grammar and punctuation. Lastly, there is a sizing recommendation if you are going to ONLY upgrade the rear sway bar (RSB) and leave the front sway bar (FSB) alone, versus upgrading them both at the same time.

Part numbers, brands, torque settings- we will add them.

And yes, we should explicitly state that this is for the 10th Gen Accord. People find our forum through searches and are sometimes not well versed on how we are organized. As a moderator- I've seen the confusion.

Please review the post #1 in the 7th Gen sub-forum for what I am looking for.....a child could follow it and understand it. Let's aim for that.

The sway bar upgrade was the best bang for the buck in previous generations.
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