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Congrats on your new car purchase.

Now let's use this thread to keep track of prices people paid. If possible, please list both price before TTL and price OTD. Why? Not everyone pays sales tax or the same sales tax percentage. Thanks.

Please list:

  • Model Year
  • Date Purchased (Month, Day, Year)
  • Trim (i.e. LX, Sport Hybrid, EX-L Hybrid .... etc.)
  • Price before Tax Title License (TTL)
  • Price Out The Door (OTD)
  • Miscellaneous add-ons/extras (e.g. extended warranty, spoiler, body kit, pin stripe, tint, wheel locks, etc.)
  • Your country, state and city location (please update your UserCP to include this information!)

This thread is NOT for people to post comments on or about what people paid or to ask questions. It is for buyers to post what they paid for their Accord.

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2014 Accord EX, 2023 Accord Touring, 2022 Telluride
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  • Year: 2023
  • Purchased: 02/21/2023
  • Trim: Accord Touring
  • Price before Tax Title License (TTL): $39,974 (MSRP + $989)
  • Miscellaneous add-ons/extras for $989: All weather mats, mud guards, protective film around doors/trunk openings.
  • Columbus Ohio area

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I picked up a 2023 Accord Hybrid Touring (Urban Grey Pearl) last week, $39,440 plus (had to add) window tint, weather mats, mylar front end chip protection appllied, door guards and wheel locks for another $2k.
No other dealer markup. Fremont, CA

Note: other dealers in the same area wanted to charge between $5k-$7500 in dealer markup (with no accessories) due to "market conditions" and scarcity of the card itself.

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23 Accord Sport L Hybrid
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  • Year: 2023
  • Date Purchased: 3/6/2023
  • Trim: Sport L w/ BSI
  • Price before Tax Title License (TTL): $35,425 (MSRP)
  • Price Out The Door (OTD): $38,877.51
  • Miscellaneous add-ons/extras: VIN etching - $299
    • This was the only mandatory add-on. No market adjustment.
  • Hartford County, Connecticut

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Year: 2023 Date purchased: March 6,2023 Trim: Sport Price before TTL: $32, 495 Price OTD: Same, $32,495 + >> Dealer added heated seats for no addtional charge (uses trusted outside vendor for this.). I am a repeat customer so they factored in to my 'freebie'). Area: St. Louis area. Wanted a Touring model, but those are snapped up before they arrive, so happy enough for my Sport.

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  • Model Year 2023
  • Date Purchased March 14, 2023
  • Trim Touring (With Blind Spot Monitoring)
  • Price before Tax Title License (TTL) $39,491
    • MSRP $39,440 ($37,890 Base Price + $455 Special Color + $1,095 Destination)
    • +$51 Markup for Accessories
  • Price Out The Door (OTD) $42,280
  • Miscellaneous add-ons/extras Splash Guards, Wheel Locks, Tire Protection
  • Your country, state and city location USA, Louisiana, Slidell
Some notes on the price: They originally had a $1500 "protection package" markup which included NitroFill Tire Protection (High Purity Nitrogen, Road Hazard Coverage, Roadside Benefits, Reforestation Program) $300 Wheel Locks $255 Splash Guards $296 Cargo Tray $256 All Weather Mats $388. I had them take off the floor mats and cargo tray which they physically removed from the vehicle. I was ready to walk out since it was still $851 over MSRP and the sales manager took off another $800 but kept the splash guards, wheel locks, and the Nitrofill on the vehicle. I only expected $13k-14k for my trade and they gave me $14,500 for the trade so that more than covered the extra $51 over MSRP.

I put a deposit of $15k down ($5k on credit for the 1.5% cash back and $10k on debit). Unfortunately they wouldn't let me put the full $15k on credit as I'd have loved $225 cash back. I will have a loan of $12,779.97 for 4 years at 3.9% using Honda's Financing. Payments should be $288 per month and I'll pay about $1050 in interest on the loan.

Purchase Price:   $39491.00
Trade Allowance:  $14500.00
Taxable Price:    $24991.00
Tax:               $2174.22
Doc Fee:            $425.00
Title Fee:           $68.50
License Fee:         $50.00
Registration Fee:     $8.00
Temp Tag:             $4.00
Waste Tire Fee:      $11.25
Transfer Fee:        $10.00
Notary Fee:          $15.00
Convenience Fee:     $23.00
Balance:         $27,779.97

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2023 Touring Hybrid in Platinum White Pearl - MSRP $39440 (delivery - 17 March 2023)

Cash Price - $38500
Doc - $85.00
Windshield replacement - $569
Sales Tax - $4013.29
EVR Fee - $33.00
Ext Warranty - $2179
Total Cash Price - $45379.29
State Reg - $567.00
Subtotal - $45946.29
Trade - $6000 (2014 Civic EX Sedan)
Total OTD - $39946.29

Basically $1000 below MSRP; no dealer markup, no other crazy "add-ons" and i made them give me the factory rubber floor mats for the offered amount.

What is that?
It something i actually need to research, BUT, the story is the windshields for vehicles with camera systems are far more expensive than normal ($1800+) and this is insurance on the windshield. Due to kids and the time of day, I said yes to move the process along. If its B.S. (likely) Ill cancel it and get reimbursed the cost.

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2023 Touring Hybrid in Platinum White Pearl - MSRP $39,440
Sale price - $38,940
Doc - $199.00
I Traded my 2014 Camry LE with 152k miles for $7,000.
No other fees, add on or markup. I didn't buy any additional insurance and financed with 3.9% through Honda.

Hope this helps other shoppers.

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2023 Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L & 2023 Tesla M3P
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2023 Accord Hybrid EX-L Meteorite Grey - MSRP: 33,540 (dealer listed manufactured retail price as 39440 before dealer installed (unwanted) addons)

Sale price36,806.70
permaplate1575(not applied yet, no appointment, considering cancel)
Processing Fee798
Registration Fee45
trade-in-1,5002013 ford fusion hybrid with 180k miles w/ failed transmission
sales tax (0.06%)1,874
extended service contract2,815(cancelling to buy through hyannis for 1190)
sales tax on extended service contract168.90

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Year: 2023
Purchased: 02/25/2023
Trim: Accord Hybrid Sport (BSI model)
Price (w/o Tax/Title/Registration/Doc Fee): $33,732 (MSRP + $455.00 Urban Grey Pearl premium paint + $287.00 accessories)
Accessories included for $287.00: Splash guards, door edge protection film.
Incentives: -$500.00 military rebate, -$500.00 graduate rebate, 3.9% APR financing
Negotiated extras: $2000.00 HPD gloss black wheels included and installed for free with purchase. Stock wheels were sent to my home.

Champaign County, IL

Pretty happy with getting the HPD wheels and installation for free. Needed a second set of wheels for winter anyway.
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