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11th Gen Accord Price Paid Thread -- post price data only; NOT a comment thread

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Congrats on your new car purchase.

Now let's use this thread to keep track of prices people paid. If possible, please list both price before TTL and price OTD. Why? Not everyone pays sales tax or the same sales tax percentage. Thanks.

Please list:

  • Model Year
  • Date Purchased (Month, Day, Year)
  • Trim (i.e. LX, Sport Hybrid, EX-L Hybrid .... etc.)
  • Price before Tax Title License (TTL)
  • Price Out The Door (OTD)
  • Miscellaneous add-ons/extras (e.g. extended warranty, spoiler, body kit, pin stripe, tint, wheel locks, etc.)
  • Your country, state and city location (please update your UserCP to include this information!)

This thread is NOT for people to post comments on or about what people paid or to ask questions. It is for buyers to post what they paid for their Accord.

Use 11th Gen Price Discussion to discuss away.
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Year: 2023 Date purchased: March 6,2023 Trim: Sport Price before TTL: $32, 495 Price OTD: Same, $32,495 + >> Dealer added heated seats for no addtional charge (uses trusted outside vendor for this.). I am a repeat customer so they factored in to my 'freebie'). Area: St. Louis area. Wanted a Touring model, but those are snapped up before they arrive, so happy enough for my Sport.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts