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12v power outlet stopped working

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I was trying to get a fuse and some metal pieces out of being stuck in the hole of the center console 12v power port.. All of a sudden I see sparks and stuff so I shut the car off and restarted it and it won't work for any of my devices or plugs.. I hope that this is just a fuse issue and if anyone knows what might have happened or know any threads I missed that discussed a similar issue please let me know and thanks!

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Based on your description, best place to start would be fuses. Check your owners manual for which one. Good luck!
Yeah that's what fuses are there protect against electrical mishaps.
I've had similar problem - central console 12v stopped working. I checked driver's side fuse and it looked intact. Don't forget to check fuses in relay box on passenger's side. In my case, blown fuse was there.
It was indeed my fuse on the passengers side, thank goodness, very helpful info, also thanks for the link need!

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