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18" Hyundai Genesis wheels on my 7th Gen

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Hi everyone! I just registered on this forum. I have an 04 2.4L Manual Accord and I'm looking to put some aftermarket wheels on. I found a guy selling his 18" Genesis wheels for $350, is that a decent price?

Secondly, I looked at the bolt patterns and they match, but I just want to ensure they will fit properly. Does anyone have any experience installing Genesis wheels on our 7th gen?

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Price is what you are willing to pay. There is a couple of guys here running 19" genesis wheels here....yes, they'll fit.
Ah i see. And if I get the tires for an 18" wheel, like 225/45-18, will i have to modify my fenders or anything else in any way to be able to fit larger wheels + tires? Thanks for your help!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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