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18" Hyundai Genesis wheels on my 7th Gen

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Hi everyone! I just registered on this forum. I have an 04 2.4L Manual Accord and I'm looking to put some aftermarket wheels on. I found a guy selling his 18" Genesis wheels for $350, is that a decent price?

Secondly, I looked at the bolt patterns and they match, but I just want to ensure they will fit properly. Does anyone have any experience installing Genesis wheels on our 7th gen?

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OP, You never mentioned if these were going on a coupe or sedan. That being said, $350 for a set of Genesis wheels is a hell of a deal and were it me, I'd jump all over it. Also, be advised that the genesis wheels have an offset between +30 an +35. Its fairly aggressive for a sedan but can be pulled off nicely with a decent drop and the right sized tires. OEM rolling diameter for an 18" wheel is either a 215/45 or 235/40. If you have a coupe, the wider tire will fit nicely with a fender roll and not poke. If you have a sedan, fender roll, slight pull and some negative camber for either size tire. More pull and camber for the wider tire though.
And? The 18's still have the offset I mention. The diameter means nothing in this case.
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1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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