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Hi there,

I have a 1988 Honda Accord LX (carbureted). It has around 151k miles on it, and for the most part drives pretty good. It passed emissions when I bought it about a year ago and gets around 26-30 mpgs.

I have had a pretty consistent issue this summer with the idle on it. It seems to only pop up when the temp is above 70-75 degrees and when the vehicle has been sitting in traffic or stop and go. Anyways, I will start the engine (from cold) pressing accelerator down once and it starts. After a few seconds of running I tap the accelerator and it is good to go. Idle is around 800-1000 rpms. However, once I start sitting in traffic, the idle starts to go up. It will go up to around 1000-1500 RPMS, almost like it is on a fast idle, like you have just started it. Once I hit highway speed and come back down to idle, the idle will be normal again. Also, when I turned the car off when it is really hot and let it sight longer than half hour, it is a little hard to start. Sometimes I turn the key and it will start but it dies and then I have to crank the engine for a few seconds and it will start and stay running but the idle will be rough. Then when I start going the idle will start to jump up to 1000-1500 RPMs. Again if I get on the highway or get the car to cruising speed it will come back down.

I am getting the feeling that this is correlating to the heat of the stop and go impacting something with the carb or fuel delivery. When my crusiing speed gets higher it goes away and I think this aligning with the cooling of the engine and more air flow.

Electric fan is coming on when it should, there are no signs of overheating so I am at a loss.

Thanks so much for the help! Really appreciate it.
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