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Hi there, I'm new to the forum!

Here's my story, bought a mint 1995 Accord LX A/T sedan in 2005 for a commuter. I really put nothing into it except oil changes, cheap brakes, tires, etc. for like 10 yrs.

I knew it needed new rotors and an axle boot was torn, so I decided to do the work myself. It turned into a huge hassle (working on this car in general has been) as I realized a caliper was sticking and a wheel bearing was on it's way I replaced a bunch of stuff:
- pads
- rotors
- bearings
- ball joints
- outer tie rod ends
- struts
- axle
- bound to be missing something...

Then the car was stolen two weeks later. Was recovered (and drove great!) stripped of some parts (hood, fenders, interior bits, trunk struts, broken front/rear windows/headlight/corner lights/taillight, interior door handle, wiper motor, a few dents on the rear 1/4 panels)...

As it was previously in great shape and still had relatively low miles (135k), I received $3,800 from my insurance company. I bought it back from them for $400 with plans to sell it. I've replaced almost everything (and then some- radiator & valve cover gasket) and even bought the original hood back from a thief! (there's a story there).

Enough with the rambling. The rear drivers side door was buzzing when getting locked in November. In late December it really started screeching and wouldn't stop making noise when the car was locked, so I just pulled the fuse. As I'm selling the car and fixing every cheap thing wrong with it, I swiped a rear drivers lock/actuator mechanism on one of my trips to the salvage yard.
Installed it, popped the fuse in and to my dismay, ever single lock is buzzing when I lock the car. This seems to defy logic in mind. When I pulled the fuse 6 months ago the rear drivers door was bad. Now, with very minimal use over the last 3 months...every single lock is acting crazy (even the one from the salvage yard). Is this possible? Is there a relay or something that would cause this? I watched a video on YouTube where a guy re-solders a main control board in the drivers that the cause?

I made a video if that helps.

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