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1997 Accord makes clunking noise

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I have a 1997 Accord that has been making a sort of clunking noise when I hit potholes or go up or down some curbs and driveways from the front driver side wheel. At first I thought I needed to replace the Axel (has been replaced a couple times already through the yrs) but then someone told me it could just be shocks or struts. I has an accident with my car in about 2005 on the freeway at about 70 mph. The driver front wheel and tire fell off because the lugs became stripped, this did damage to the suspension but was repaired. Could that have any effect? Please help!! I want to figure this out and be led in the right direction!
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hmmm clunking eh!? could be many things...
for one yah, it could be the suspension, although
it could also be your control arm/s or stabalizer bars if you are experiencing turning/driving problems, or either you could be having an issue with the the whole hub coming loose because the halfshaft could be coming loose and knocking behind the hub or maybe you have a massed up halfshaft or a damaged CV joint so maybe check the CV boots for any tares because water and debris damage can brake your CV joints and you would have to replace the whole halfshaft....just many different problems i think it could be...hope this helps some wat...
check the motor mounts. My 96 has had 3 break/replaced over the years, and it's never been in a wreck. that was a weird clunk that drove me nuts the first time around till I figured it out.. Noticed it most going out of the driveway over the curb. Motor Mounts are not that expensive to have fixed $150 at the dealer IIRC.

Front right side has the battery, which can flop, and the air tube to the battery which ALWAYS flops around. also the prop rod will rattle in that area.
That body style had a lot of broken front springs that made a "clunking noise". Upper coils would snap off and also the front upper ball joints do fail causing the front wheel to collapse outward. Have someone competent look at it.
I don't have any turning/driving problems and it's only on the driver side (opposite the batt.) thanks for all the suggestions so far :)
I had the same thing happen with my 99 esp when backing out of the driveway and going over the bump at the end. Since the dealer has done a fair amt of work for me I casually mentioned it to them when I was there for an oil change.

The tech took it for a spin, inspected the suspension(original) and said everything looked and felt fine. He must have made an adjustment or lubed something because afterwards the noise was GONE!. :thmsup:
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