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Hello could I please get some advice?

Car is clean. No engine lights. 152k mileage.
Vehicle Pics:
Interior:, #2

My car has mount problems. Simply, when I'm speeding up the freeway you can feel vibration in my car. If I am on drive, hand brakes up, foot on brakes, and gas my car, you can see the engine lifting up (which shouldnt be happening). Keep in mind, I was able to drive this car 105 mi from central georgia to atlanta, to and from the airport.

Also when attempting to get out of my drive way:
On park, foot on the brakes,
Switch to Reverse,

I can feel a slight weird forward jerk, which unlike other cars ive driven, i.e nissan altima/ toyota matrix/ they never done that. It just gives that clunky feel. And i want my car smooth. Is that normal?

I am buying my own parts and getting a friend mechanic to get my car fixed. However im trying to order on amazon prime (2 day shipping). I'm getting my car fixed up on June 6, this saturday.
He was the one that found out the engine mount issue. But i decided, hey why not get new TRANS MOUNTS as well? Kill it all with one labor. :)

I am having difficulty deciding which parts I need, missing, or which i dont need. Here is a list with pictures:

ENGINE MOUNTS: Beck/Arnley (Going in order of picture top-bottom)
1. Rear w vacuum nozzle
2. Front w vacuum nozzle
3. Passenger side mount
Picture: Screenshot by Lightshot

TRANSMISSION MOUNTS: Beck/Arnley (Going in order top-bottom)
1. Rear
2. Right
3. Rear Left
Picture: Screenshot by Lightshot

I am quite confused with the transmission mount parts cause i cannot find any picture guides to help me out if I got all the parts I need.

Beck/Arnley (Which i do trust) does not have the "front" mount anywhere.

DEA does however: DEA A6582 Front Transmission Mount: Automotive

Is DEA reliable? I heard bad reviews. Yet it has good customer reviews on amazon.

Are then any parts here that arent really necessary to have?

My mechanic keeps pointing out that theres a transmission mount that is circular, which highly resembles the Front Right Engine Mount.

However he said it goes on TOP of the transmission. Yet the description on the part i looked at, on amazon, rockauto, oreilly, advanced auto, all described that part as "rear".

My mechanic is currently on vacation with family, so im having difficulty communicating with him.

Can someone show a detailed list of parts i should get to "renew" all my mounts?

Please and thank you!


Seperate Issue # 2. When I roll my windows down, the interior rubber gets sucked in with the windows. After rolling them back up, theyd have sticky-yellow/brown type of goo that is difficult to take off. I rubbed it off to the point i damaged my tint :'(.
Heres a picture of the rubber
Here's a picture of my damaged tint.

That turned out to be the culprit.

Now, is it possible my windows are simply out of alignment? Or is it mainly this rubber causing issues?

What do you recommend I do to fix this, so i can roll my window down smoothly without problems?

Which parts do i need to take to my mechanic? Would that be the run channel only?

Is this problem common??

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