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I have a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L. I work in Afghanistan but yesterday my wife installed the below listed audio equipment:

Stock Head Unit
LoD: Audio Control LC7i
5-Channel Amplifier: Alpine PDX-5 (75w x 4; 300w x 1)
Wiring Kit: 4ga
Front Components: Polk db5251
Rear Coaxial: Polk db651s
Subwoofer: Alpine SWS-15D4

After getting the car back, she said that highs and mids were excellent, but that the subwoofer was not powered well enough. I am going keep the front and rear speakers on the PDX-5, but will install a 2nd amplifier. I am pretty set on this mono amp: Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

Since both amplifiers want 4ga wiring, my questions are:

Should I run a 2nd power wire kit (same as the first) to the main battery?
Should I get a power distribution block and run a 2ga wire from the main batter then split out to 2 x 4ga wires?

If I do get a power distribution block, where should it be installed (so I know how long of a power wire to get)?

Please let me know if I am missing anything else with this modification. Thanks much!

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Well since you have a decent 4 gauge kit and you will be taking the sub load off the first amp, your first amp would actually be fine with just an 8-gauge run, but since you already have 4 going to it, you should be fine just getting either two 3-way 4-gauge distribution blocks to add the second amp and some extra 4-gauge wiring from a local shop, or just buy a bunch of 4-gauge eye-loops, solder them to the cable and maken your own 3-way connection with a bolt, nut, washers, and lock washer.
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