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2 miles past zero

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Today while driving, my range finally dropped to zero. Based on previous fillups I think that there is at least another gallon of usable fuel sloshing around in the tank. I'm trying to decide if it is worth it to find out how much our tanks actually hold. Is there any danger to the car from running out of gas. I know the fuel pump is cooled by being immersed in fuel. I would be forever in debt of anyone with experience as a tech or mechanic chiming in. To be clear, I am right now 2 miles past zero on the range. If I do this, I would carry a can with me so that I'm not stranded. Do you have any thoughts. I've never run a car out of gas before and am curious to see where the real limits lay.
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Not worth the inconvenience, no need to push your luck, why would it matter if you knew exactly the capacity of the tank? How you drive makes large difference of your fuel economy, so there is no point trying to find exact volume of gas your car can hold, or how many more miles you can cover after the reading says zero.

In driving over the last 3+ decades, I've only run out of fuel twice, fortunately both times I was going at reasonable speed and was able to coast into the gas station nearby without requiring a tow or borrow a fuel can, in fact the second time I had just got going after the traffic light had turned green, the car died half way through the intersection, so I put the clutch in and coasted into the gas station across the intersection and stopped right by the first pump.

I got lucky, and never did that again.
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